Audiences will be able to get closer to the action than ever before as this interactive and explosive family show goes behind the scenes of many favorite blockbuster films to discover the science and secrets of creating movie magic. Live on stage, the show’s team will give a revealing insight into the world of special effects, taking families on an exciting journey as they feel the heat of an onstage inferno, marvel at gruesome sci-fi monsters, are blown away by apocalyptic weather and hold on tight through huge explosions!


The Hollywood Special Effects Show uses more pyrotechnics than any other touring theatre show, and for some sequences, the audience is protected by bullet proof glass placed across the stage. The animatronic dinosaur that appears in the show was built by specialists in Japan, and the large air cannon used in the finale of the show is capable of firing a projectile over an incredible 1500 feet!



A theatrical experience like no other – The Hollywood Special Effects Show: Dangerously Exciting



“Spoiler alert: The Hollywood Special Effects Show did exactly what it said on the tin… this extravaganza of pyrotechnics was brought to us by a feisty American girl, a Bond-geek scientist in a white lab coat and a hapless helper who also served as a guinea-pig. We were on the edge of our seats with anticipation and were repeatedly rewarded. we were entranced throughout the show and the grown-ups whooped as much as the children. It was very enjoyable, from sugar-glass bottles being smashed on heads to experiments with gunpowder, propane gas and blanks. This high-octane production was a rip-roaring success and having been fortunate enough to experience the likes of Universal Studios, I have to say this was an excellent remake.” Henley Times (UK)